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    Didžioji g. 19
    01128 Vilnius, Lithuania
    Tel.: +37068722366

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About the restaurant

During the times of Soviet oppression, the field of public catering was particularly poorly developed, people were missing the restaurants that would offer pleasant environment, good and quality food, excellent service, as well as other recreational institutions. The development of these activities in Lithuania, like many other, started after the restoration of independence only. The Restaurant “Amatininkų užeiga” takes the opportunity and establishes as one of the first private businesses. The origin of this company was influenced by UAB “Geležinis vilkas”, particularly popular in those days, the former activities whereof is still famous these days.
A great number of visitors of the restaurant testifies good quality of the products of “Amatininkų užeiga”. This place is appreciated by both the Lithuanian and foreign guests (German Chancellor G. Schroder, top NATO officers, actor Jeremy Irons, music band Smokey, etc.).
The Restaurant “Amatininkų užeiga”, after winning the first competition in 1998 to run the summer café, set up an outdoor café on the City Hall Square, which was open every year ever since, except 2006-2007, when the reconstruction of the City Hall Square took place.
The efforts to create and implement pleasant and cozy environment for the guests have been evaluated on repeated occasions both in press and on television. The changes in the environment of the outdoor cafes, menu, diversity thereof, good and fast customer service have been developing every year, the President of the Republic of Lithuania V. Adamkus was pleased with the result as well.